Sample Student Gallery

Sample Student Lessons

Creative Endeavours Grades 1 through 8 (sample lessons)
    Watercolour - this exercise teaches the child the basics of watercolour art with a focus on colour flow, background, foreground and subject.​​

Acrylic - this teaches the student colour blending and perspective.

Mixed Media (Pastels and Acrylic) - this teaches the student negative space, colour blending and reflections.​

As a special needs educator for 30 years, I inspire young artists to have a passion for the creativity inside them.  I believe there is an artist in each and every one of us and there is no such word as ‘cannot’.   I teach children in private or group lessons, in the school classroom or from my home studio, and get a lot of pleasure watching them develop their skills.   Painting is one of the greatest learning experiences which you can have.  I use simple step by step instruction which allows the child to understand and create something they can be proud of. 

My classes include:

  • learning about colour
  • dry brushing, wet in wet watercolour
  • hard and soft edges, blending of colours
  • resist
  • use of masking fluid
  • acrylics and pastels
  • watercolour markers